While I need to write one more paper for school, but I don't want to put Google Chrom on my computer when the computers at school have it already.  So due to kind of having a day off I thought I would get some writing done and other things for the business.
      So the only D&D that I have right now is Neverwinter, so I will update Neveragain when I am done with this update.  but I think I am going to spend some time to night working on my 1st edition stuff tonight.  I am also going to try and get some of my 3.5 stuff done tomorrow after my paper is done.   I am thinking about looking at a different book everyday or every other day.
      Last Friday at work I started playing Magic the Gathering at work with one of my friends, and there are only to more times we can play before he goes back to school.  So on Friday when we played I used my Vampire deck.  I think he  would have won, but I was able to get out the Exquisite Blood, so when ever he lost life I gained that much life.
      Yesterday we played two games,  because I was able to kill him fast.  I used my level-up deck witch is blue and white.  so the first game he only started with one land, and I was able to win by turn 5.  The second game took a little longer, he was able to get some creatures out.  We will play again on Thursday, I don't what I am going to use yet but it is going to be fun.
      I am really excited it has been reviled that the name of the set that is coming out next month is "Born of the Gods"  it is going to be great.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on August 13, 2013 .