I was not able to go to the Theros per-release   but I was able to pay a per-release.  I got the White box, I got the White god in this box it was kind of nice.  I also bought in to the release sealed tournament.  I did not get a hole lot in the boosters I got, but I built a deck good enough to tie for fourth place.
      I have started to build a White and Red Human deck, I don't have any more white land so I don't have it ready to test play it is the deck I am going to use in the Free game day tournament.  I am really looking forward to fighting the Hydra.
      Here is what I have so far.  I might change it latter.
Titan's Strength X3
Gift of Immortality X1
Arena Athlete X1
Last Breath X1
Scholar of Athreos X1
Dragon Mantle X1
Priest of Iroas X1
Ordeal of Heliod X1
Akroan Hoplite X2
Akroan Crusader X1
Phalanx Leader X1
Hopeful Eidolon X1
Gods Willing X1
Spark Jolt X1
Messenger's Speed X1
Heliod, God of the Sun X1
Demolish X2
Boulderfall X1
Ordeal of Purphoros X1
Anax and Cymede X1
Celestial Aschon X1
Ephara's Warden X2
Wingsteed Rider X2
Portent of Betrayal X1
 Chosen by Heliod X1
Traveling Philosopher X2
Evangel of Heliod X1
Opaline Unicorn X1
Setessan Battle Priest X3
Battlewise Hoplite X1
Temple of Triumph X1
There is also the land that I have to put in to the deck.  After the fight against the Hydra, I am going to had  both white Magus's to this deck.  I think that will be fun.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 29, 2013 .