Magic, Popcorn, and a Big mess

      This coming Saturday the 10th is the M14 Game day tournament.  I have made a deck for it but wont be going, so let's look that the two drafts that I made before I took it a part.  In September I will build a new deck with some of the M14 cards I have.
      Draft 1
Ok so I only have the first draft
  Mountain x10
  Forest x10
  Island x10
  Sensory Deprivation x1
  Glimpse the future x1
  Striking Sliver x1
  Manweft Sliver x1
  Zephyr Charge x1
  Megantic Sliver x2
  Ranger's Guile x1
  Time Ebb x1
  Negate x1
  Enlarge x1
  Rumbling Baloth x1
  Cancel x1
  Verdant Haven x2
  Predatory Sliver x1
  Elixir of Immortality x1
  Ratchet Bomb x1
  Battle Sliver x1
  Coral Merfolk x1
  Elvish Mystic x2
  Into the Wilds x1
  Groundshaker Sliver x1
  Oath the Ancient Wood x1
  Galerider Sliver x1
      I once had a Green and White deck that I called Monsters and Migets.  I have been thinking about remaking this deck.  There are many cards in the M14 group I got that would be good for that deck.
      There is a game called Pass the Popcorn, it is a  Movie Trivia game.  In the game you get three titles that allow you to guess what the movie is.  The groups are story, quotie, cast and characters.  if you are the first to turn all your titles face down then you win the round.  Once you have gotten to four titles and won the game is over.  It is a really fun game
      The last game I want to talk about it called Would you Rather?  I had fun playing this game because I was with family.  That being said I would not buy this game.  There is a lot to be decided as you go and the challenges are not very good.
     While there you go Two games and some Magic, it is now time to go write on the Neveragain page so until next time Keep Gaming
Posted on August 6, 2013 .