While where do I start?  Yesturday one of my friends ask me, if Freeport is the second best city adventure what is the first?  The anwser is Ptolus by Monte Cook.  I know there are others not there  but I have not played them yet.  And just like I told my friend it could be the DM I had, even thought one of the players did somethings they should not have done.  The group I played with when we played Ptolus, was much better then the group I played with before my mission.
      I found a new gaming podcast today, I have not yet started it, but they are geting ready to start playing a C of C game.  They are called or the podcast is called The Nerd's Domain Podcast.  After I am done listening to the leadership podcast I am listening to I am going to go and check this podcast out.  They are getting ready to start a Kickstarter to upgrade there podcast, when this happens I will share it all with you
Posted on May 2, 2013 .