Biding Wars

      Yesturday I told you I need to get a new Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, that was going to cost $25 if I won it.  While today when I left for my surgey, I know I was not going to win that one becasue I asked my 17 year old daugther to keep an eye it.  While when I got home I was able to find an other one and bid 10.00 dollars on it.  I keep on eye on it all day and at the last min lost it because I could not type 15.00 fast enough.  I have found on now and have bid 10.00 on,  but it doesn't end until Monday.
      The day was not a total lost.  I was able to win The Way of The Ratling, an L5R book.  I will  use it when I get my oriental adventure going again.  The book maybe L5R, but the oriental advenutre is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5 game.  you can hear it on the Swampcast or at
      There were two part to my Oriental Adventure, the first part I just called the OA.  In that game the player's went to 3 of the 5 clan's and spent of time in the Shadowlands, and meet Baba Yaga, and they were sent to a far away land where I ran them through parts of Against the Giants, a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. 
      The second part I called The Curse Of Wu Mai.  I have not yet finished this adventure because on of my players had to movie to CO.  I really hope to someday run that game again.
      While that is all I have tonight, maybe I can get some writing done tonight but until next time Keep on Gaming.


Posted on May 9, 2013 .