Winning or Losing? And What about the Kids.

      While at the moment I am winning the bid, for my 3.5 version of the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.  I was losing and while I am writing this post, I could be losing again.  I guess in the end I don't need to win, becasue there will be more books. And right now it is going to cost $25 if I will I think I am done biding on this book.
      Just a little side note:  Nerd's Domain has started their kickstarter it should be a good one, they are doing it to upgrade their podcasting equpiment.  I would guess that if you could not find it on Kickstarter you could go to the Nerd's Domain website.
      I think maybe I should start doing this at night, let me tell you why.  Being the Dungeons and Dragons nerd that I am, I have many Dungeons and Dragons Mini's.  While having kids I  let them play with the mini's.  Just after I got done bloging yesturday my son decided that he and I need to battle.  The first battle I got the Beholder and he used the Trihorn Behemonth I think the Trihorn one that fight.  In the second battle I got the Beholder and he got Tiamat, there is no question that the Dragon Queen won that one.
      There have been more then one time, I have thought about doing something for my website or my podcast about something like Friday Night Fights.  This would be a great way to get it started.  It would not just  be Dungeons and Dragons, one fight I think would be good is the monkey from Aldain and the mouse from Bulder's Gate.
      The other reason I should do this at night is, I know that yesturday I told you that for one of my Dungeons and Dragons game I am runing Hell in Freeport.  While I was looking for my copy of the monster manual I found my copy of Denizens of Freeport by: Green Ronin Publishing.  I feel that this book can be used to add more to any game  but in my game there are two people  that I want my group to fight and then I am thinking Awsomeman can give aid to one of them and see if he can't send her down the right path even in the city of Freepot.  The first battle that I thought would be fun, but I might not do it is.Alfhild, Northlander Sea Reaver.  Hell in Freeport says that if the players take one ship they won't be attacked by pirates, but if they are on a different ship then they are fair game for Alfhild and her long ship.  The second person I would like my players to meet is Gitch, Goblin Fire Marshal.  Maybe he can set the players ship or house on fire and then show up  to put it out.
      Then while I was waiting for my wife to pick me up from school, I had this great idea that I could write and epic level adventure for Freeport.  I would call it The Epic City of Freeport.  If I did this I would have to get the C of A so I could use the Freeport Pirate.
      While now that I have found a good writing pen, I need to go work on my book or Neverwinter, or Escape from Cyclops Island.  So until next time keep gaming.
Posted on May 8, 2013 .