Today, I started a new game.  Crypts and Things.
  It is a fun game even though it was the first day.  We started by playing Red Coats to set up the game.  We all died, and that is ok  because that is what was to happen.
   Motard the Backbreaker of the Bear Clan,

It was a kind of easy day, we started the game by having a feast at the bar, then we had to go take care of a problem. This problem would end up giving us 200 g.p. and then the mage had to kill him.  In the process of getting the gold the thief got his head blowen off because he could not look for traps first.
   I kind of like the Prelog thing, I might start doing it with some of my games.
   Now it is time to work on my Roman adventure.
Posted on April 20, 2013 .