While before I get in to, todays stuff.  Let me tell you about yesturday.  I don't want you to think that I don't write on sunday, I just got home from playing Magic at midnight and need to go to  bed so I could get to work on time today.
      So not only did I play Magic yesturday lossing all three games I played in.  I also played a two player gme of Risk.  I also lost the game of Risk.  It seems to me that playing Risk with only two people is not the way to go.  I was not able to play my normal style and it really got me out of my zone.
      The first Magic game I played I used my Vampire deck.  It did really good this time, if I could have got one card a turn sooner I might have won the game.  The second game I used my level up deck, it did not play the way it normaly plays.  I still only had one of the land types I need to make the deck work, and all the creature cards were for the land type I had, but they all cost 3 or more to level up, so I could level up or play a creature.  The last game I played I used my Milfolk deck, and it was the worst of them all.  There is one person I play with and hsi primary goal is not to win,  but to make sure I lose, so there I had to deal with that and because the other player could see what was going on, he would only attack me.
      Now on to, today.  I have a goal to get the first draft of my non-gaming book done by June 6th so I am going to work on that most of the day, but I will make some time to work on Escape From Cyclops Island.
Posted on April 22, 2013 .