Grayson (Agent of Spyral)

By  Phil Perich for Before the Bat: The Gotham Podcast

Long time readers of this blog know i’ve already talked about Dick Grayson at length in a 2 part post early on.  But since it’s been awhile (and he’s my favorite DC Comics character) I thought I’d update everyone on what he’s up to now.  I’m sure all you big Batfans know that Dick was the first Robin, then moved on to the Nightwing identity and leader of the Teen Titans.  He has also filled in as Batman himself on several occasions.  But right now he is none of these.  What’s Up?  Well Dick’s current status quo begins in the pages of Forever Evil #1 (September 2013) where he is captured by the Crime Syndicate, an evil alternate reality version of the Justice League.  The Syndicate reveals Dick’s identity to the whole world, which sets off a chain of events including Lex Luthor figuring out Batman’s secret ID.   

After the Syndicate is defeated, thanks to the Justice League and an army of villains gathered by Luthor, the world believes that Dick is dead.  In Nightwing #30 (May 2014), Batman asks Dick  (in a very violent way) to “stay dead” so he can infiltrate the secret spy organization Spyral who  had been trying to discover the identities of earth’s superheroes.  

Dick agrees very reluctantly after realizing that Batman was asking him not to reveal his survival to anyone besides him.  Alfred, Batgirl and all their other allies would continue to mourn him.  Grayson #1 (July 2014) showed us our first look at Grayson, Agent 37 of Spyral whose first mission was to extract a target from a moving train.

It was later shown that Dick would send secret communiques to Batman when we was alone in his quarters, sharing whatever secrets he learned about Spyral and their agenda.  Dick went on several missions for Spyral, but the most difficult ones were probably his encounters with MIdnighter, a very violent Batman-esqe figure who can “read” an opponents fighting style just by looking at them.

Dick’s time with Spyral had seemed to come to an end with the death of their corrupt leader, the mysterious Mr. Minos at the hands of his partner Helena Bertinelli in Grayson #8 (March 2015).

But we see on the first page of the next issue that when Dick calls Batman for further orders (hopefully to come home) there is no answer as Bruce Wayne has disappeared after the events in Batman #40 (April 2015).  This page just spoke to me on a personal level. 

It seems like in the coming months that with Bruce Wayne missing yet again that Dick Grayson will also once again step up and lead the Batfamily through another turbulent time. Don’t believe me?  Check it out, our boy’s coming home in the upcoming Grayson #12 (September 2015)!

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