Red Robin (No not the burger place!)

Red Robin

(No not the burger place!)

Red Robin.  It was the identity of several Batman characters.  The first appearance of this identity was in the classic Kingdom Come miniseries from 1996.  This story was set in a possible future, later revealed to be set on Earth 22.  A middle aged Dick Grayson returned to reclaim the Robin mantle, calling himself Red Robin. 

Wearing a uniform that more resembled Batman’s uniform than his original Robin one, Dick worked with Superman’s league. At the end of the story he reconciles with Bruce Wayne.  The next Red Robin would appear in the present, but not for many years later.  In the Countdown to Final Crisis miniseries in 2007, A dimension hopping Jason Todd (Robin #2) donned the costume in the Bat Bunker (Earth 51’s version of the Batcave).  

He attempted to help that Earth’s Batman fight other dimensional invaders until that Batman iskilled.  Upon his return to his own earth, Jason discards the costume in an alley and goes back to his Red Hood identity, not wanting to be associated with the Bat group at that time.

Red Robin later reappears after Bruce Wayne’s disappearance in the Batman R.I.P. storyline.

This time Red Robin seems to want to create chaos.  Tim Drake, the third Robin and the current one at that time suspects Jason Todd is back to his old tricks until Jason denies it and Red Robin is revealed to be Ulysses Armstrong, the villainous General.  Tim eventually defeats the General and takes custody of the Red Robin suit.

With Bruce Wayne missing and presumed dead, Dick Grayson becomes the new Batman and takes Bruce’s son Damian as his new Robin.  Tim, discouraged by this and believing Bruce Wayne to still be alive (he was right!) takes the mantle of Red Robin and leaves Gotham to start his search for Bruce Wayne.  Even after Bruce Wayne’s return, Damian remains Robin and Tim keeps the identity of Red Robin.  After a battle with Ra’s al Ghul, Tim returns to Gotham and reunites with the Batfamily. Even after he returns to team Batman, Tim has his own plans and ideas for fighting crime.

Tim not only becomes the leader of Batman Incorporated’s version of the Outsiders, but he also returns to the Teen Titans and retakes the role of leader from his friend Wonder Girl.  

After DC Comics New 52 reboot, the Teen Titans get a new history.  Tim Drake as Red Robin would now form the first and only version of the Teen Titans in this new world.  This new world would also give Tim a different version of the Red Robin costume as he attempts to form the team to protect the world’s super powered teens from the organization known as Knowhere.

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