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Marvel's Best of 2016

For my last Marvel blog of 2016 i thought I would list some of the best books I read from Marvel this year. 

If you’re a newbie looking to get into Marvel Comics or an old school fan, none of these titles will disappoint.

Captain Marvel and Brie Larson (Heroes of the Marvel Universe)

Brie Larson has been chosen for this important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   

I believe her place in the Marvel Universe is so important she now holds a place in pop culture that I can only compare to Wonder Woman over in the DC Universe.

Marvel Civil Wars

with Iron Man leading the pro registration heroes as the then head of Shield vs. the heroes who thought the Superhuman Registration Act was a violation of their civil rights, led by Captain America. 

Spider-Man, then allied with Iron Man’s pro registration forces revealed his identity to the whole world.

Who is Marvel Comics Wonder Woman?

The first Marvel female superhero of the “modern” age, Sue is the “mother” of her team and family.

Not only was Carol Danvers an accomplished Air Force pilot, she was also head of security at a top secret base when an accident gave her powers similar to those of the alien Kree captain Mar-Vell. 

Genis-Vell (The Next Captain Marvel)

Genis-Vell, or Legacy as he was known in his early appearances, first appeared in Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993). 

Genis’s next Captain Marvel series premiered in March 1999, featuring his journey to become the new Captain Marvel.

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