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Venom (Lethal Protector)

Rumors have been floating around the internet for the last few days that Sony is taking the first steps towards their own R rated Venom movie. 

So this may mean that Venom will NOT interact with Spider-Man.  If this is the case, WHO will be the host to the alien symbiote.

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Amazing and Spectacular

Some of the characters from one of Spider-Man’s greatest eras are back! 

Fans like their Iconic characters as mature, married people. 

Marvel's Best of 2016

For my last Marvel blog of 2016 i thought I would list some of the best books I read from Marvel this year. 

If you’re a newbie looking to get into Marvel Comics or an old school fan, none of these titles will disappoint.

Ben Reilly (Return of a Brother)

All long term Spider-Man fans sat up and took notice last week: Ben Reilly, the first stable clone of Peter Parker who operated as Spider-Man for a time in the 1990’s was revealed to be alive again in the final pages of Clone Conspiracy #3. 

This is my plea for current Spider-Man writer Dan Slott to make Ben a hero once again and not make him an adversary, mind controlled or otherwise.

Spider-Man Upgrades (The best and Worst dressed superhero)

Mechanical web shooters, a signal belt, and web foils under the arms were all part of the original Spider-Man costume. 

A device that Spider-Man has used almost since the beginning and has been improved upon and even used to this day is the Spider-Tracer.

Who is Mary Jane Watson?

Formerly announced actress Zendaya is now rumored to be playing long time Peter Parker love interest Mary Jane Watson.

Why is Mary Jane such an important part of not just the Spider-Man mythos, but the larger Marvel Universe as well?