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The Good, The Bad, and The Infamous

 Is Doom’s rehabilitation real, or a trick to lower the guard of Earth’s heroes?

Can Victor Von Doom find redemption for his various sins?

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James Rhodes (War Machine for peace)

SPOILERS!!!! DO NOT read this blog until you read Civil War II #1!

The Many Armors of Iron Man

This armor was built of course so Iron Man could escape detection by radar or other scanning devices.

It’s weapon systems were based on sea life including the electric field of an electric eel, a camouflage 'ink cloud' and small 'manta ray' torpedoes.

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Marvel Civil Wars

with Iron Man leading the pro registration heroes as the then head of Shield vs. the heroes who thought the Superhuman Registration Act was a violation of their civil rights, led by Captain America. 

Spider-Man, then allied with Iron Man’s pro registration forces revealed his identity to the whole world.

Iron Man (The Iron Age)

Tony Stark’s alcoholism was revealed in the classic “Demon in a Bottle” storyline. 

Tony later returns in another new armor and defeats Firepower.