Deadpool (Merc with a Mouth or Cosmic Manipulator)


Merc with a Mouth or Cosmic Manipulator?

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


I’ve been thinking of Deadpool alot lately.  My cohost Lilith Hellfire (@LilithHellfire) and I are about to begin another podcast, this one a Deadpool podcast. More on that later.  It recently occurred to me, is Deadpool the simple, crazy sword swinging and gun toting madman he appears to be, or is he more of a cosmic player than he lets on?  Does he possess a form of cosmic awareness greater than any other Marvel character?


Time Travel Buddies

While Deadpool’s friendship with the mutant time traveling son of Cyclops known as Cable seems innocent enough, does it also give Deadpool access to the time stream and any moment in time.  While Deadpool seems like a (semi) normal guy, what could Deadpool ultimately achieve with unlimited time travel access and his awareness of different levels of reality? And speaking of his “awareness”… 


Breaking Down The Walls

Unlike most characters in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool not only seems to know that all the other heroes and villains are fictional comic book characters and which issue which events took place in, but he regularly talks to his creators and readers of his adventures.  Even cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe such as Galactus and the Living Tribunal do not appear to have this level of awareness.  What does this say about Deadpool’s position in the Marvel Universe? 


Dancing With Death

And if Deadpool is just another human being with no cosmic significance, why has he been an object of interest and desire for the personification of Death herself?  Is it just his seeming immortality due to his healing factor or is it something more important?  And this “relationship” has brought Deadpool to the attention of the evil Thanos on several instances.  So that is at least two cosmic level entities that have shown an interest in Deadpool. And there have been others who have seen Deadpool as a threat or annoyance such as the Watcher Uatu and Galactus.


Top of the Heap

And if Deadpool doesn’t have at least some control over reality, how do explain Deadpool’s rise from a New Mutants villain to a popular hero who not only is a member of the Avengers but also had one of 2016’s most popular movies that brought him to attention of most of the general public.  I mean c’mon, even your mom probably knows the name Deadpool now!


So am I crazy or dead on? Is Deadpool hiding some cosmic significance or is he more powerful than we realize?  Share any Deadpool thoughts with me! &


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