Marvel M.I.A.

Marvel M.I.A.

(Which fan favorite characters should return to the Marvel Universe)

By Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


Many great new characters and new versions of older characters have debuted in the last few years in Marvel Comics.  While these characters are strong additions to the Marvel Universe, there are also a few older characters I would like to see return in their own series.


Citizen V

In 1997 a mysterious masked figure appeared as leader of a new team named the Thunderbolts.  This Citizen V claimed to be the grandson of the World War II hero of the same name.  It was later revealed that “Citizen V” was actually the villain Baron Zemo, an enemy of Captain America.  Eventually the original Citizen V’s true grandson reappeared after spending time in a coma.  While possessing no superhuman powers of his own, Citizen V was backed up by the scientists and fighters of the V Battalion.  Think of Citizen V as James Bond in a mask and cape.  


Fantastic Four

After the last Secret Wars event that destroyed the old multiverse and rebuilt a new one, there hasn’t been a Fantastic Four team.  After the disappearance of Reed and Sue Richards along with their children, Johnny Storm has been working with the Avengers Unity Squad and Ben Grimm was hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy until recently becoming an agent of Shield.  After the darkness of recent Secret and Civil Wars, the Marvel Universe needs the light again, it needs it’s first family.  And with a new multiverse to explore, the Marvel Universe needs it’s greatest cosmic explorers back! 


Gray Hulk

Even though he was killed during the events of Civil War II, you know one day Bruce Banner will return to the Marvel Universe. Who stays dead in comics anymore, especially one of Marvel’s number one characters?  Since Amadeus Cho is already operating as a green Hulk, when Banner returns it should be as the gray Hulk.  A true case of Jekyll and Hyde, the craftiest Hulk was a true anti-hero, seeking to satisfy his own interests while doing some good in the world.  And unlike other versions of the Hulk that were triggered by anger or stress, the gray Hulk transformation was triggered by the sunset and sunrise, giving Bruce Banner absolutely no control over his metamorphisis. 


Those are just a few of the greats I’d like to see return.  Who would YOU like to see return? Adam Warlock? Genis-Vell? 


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