Iron Man (The Iron Age)

Iron Man

(The Iron Age)

by Phil Perich for the Nuff Said Universe

I figured this week in honor of the announcement that Brian Michael Bendis will be writing a second companion Iron Man series to go with his first, Invincible Iron Man, that I’d go over some of Iron Man’s greatest and not so greatest moments. 


  1. Tony Stark’s alcoholism: 

Tony Stark’s alcoholism was revealed in the classic “Demon in a Bottle” storyline.  With the help of his friends, including Bethany Cabe, Tony kicks his addiction for awhile.  Months later, Tony relapses when business rival Obadiah Stane manipulates Tony into drinking again so Stane can acquire Stark International from him.  After giving his Iron Man armor and identityto Jim Rhodes, Tony lives on the streets for awhile until he kicks his habit.  Tony eventually returns, builds a new Iron Man armor, and defeats Stane who now has his own armor as the Iron Monger. 

2.   Armor Wars:

Months after his defeat of Stane, Tony discovers many of his armor designs have been stolen by the evil Spymaster and were then in the hands of criminals who might use the technology to hurt innocents.  Tony then went on a mission as Iron Man to wipe out all info on his designs and shut down anyone else using them no matter who they were.  After battles with Stiltiman, the Controller, Stingray, and even Steve Rogers (who was operating as The Captain at this point), Tony had to fake his “bodyguard” Iron Man’s death.  Tony is defeated by a government agent called Firepower.  Tony later returns in another new armor and defeats Firepower. 

3.  Teen Iron Man:

In the Avengers event “The Crossing”, It is revealed that Tony Stark has been mentally manipulated by Kang the Conquerer to betray the Avengers.  After Tony kills a few people associated with the Avengers, The Avengers go into the past of an alternate timeline and bring back a teenage Tony Stark to help defeat his older counterpart.  After older Tony’s death, teen Tony becomes the new Iron Man.  During the Heroes Reborn storyline when the Avengers and Fantastic Four are banished to another universe, Tony is reborn as an adult. Even upon his return to the main Marvel universe, Tony remains an adult, retaining the memories of all previous Tonys.   

4.  Tony Stark, Director of Shield:

After the events of the Civil War storyline, Tony is put is charge of the government agency Shield, tasked with upholding the Superhuman Registration Act.  After the alien race the Skrulls are revealed to be impersonating various super heroes, Tony is fired and Shield is disbanded.  Norman Osborn is placed in charge of the Superhuman Registration Act as head of a new organization called Hammer.  Tony protects the identities of the super heroes he learned by wiping all his files and also wiping his own memory with a virus of his own creation.

Well I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Remember to pick up International Iron Man in 2016.  What’s YOUR favorite Iron Man storyline?  Let me know: or

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