Last night I was able to work on the game, I was however only able to add one artifact to the list of things the hero's need to find.  So in a min I will tell you about the artifact that I am using there are two that I am not using.
    The Acorn of Wo Mai,  I am not using this one because I used it in the OA, that you can here about on the podcast page at  The other one is the Hut of Baba Yaga, I am not using this one because it/she is going to be in the Winter of Neverwinter.
      So the first one on the list from the Book of Artifacts by David "Zeb" Cook, is the All-Knowing Eye of Yasmin Sira.  I have to change a few things so it will work with 4e.  I will do a full list of powers when I make the changes but one of them will give them a +1 to Perception.  Next week there will be a few more things to share.
Posted on March 14, 2014 .