It's a temple what could go wrong?

      There was no podcast for this game so I will share with you this time. 
      The story starts this time with the hero's still being a day and a half away from Helm's Hold,  They stopped for lunch and to sleep because no one in the group could see at night.  While traveling the last part of the road there were no ecounters.
      Once the hero's got in to the village, that dropped of the woman they were escorting and got their money 100 g.p and started right way looking at what they needed to get to Fellscrest.  They decided that they needed to get some supplies like a light source and some food.   The Avenger was hoping to maybe buy a magic item but they did not have enough money.
      After getting the food and sun rods that they needed, the group decided that they would leave for Fellscrest in the morning, and this is where our fun begins.  There really are no inns in Helm's Hold at lest the way I run it, so the Avenger decided that he was just going to sleep in an Ally way, and the Wizard wanted to spend the night in the temple.  The rouge who knows what happened to him, but while in the Ally the Avenger sleep with his sword on his chest which was good for him kind of because the thugs woke him up trying to take his stuff.  Things did not go well for our Avenger because he tried to run away and end up dieing, if it was not for a drunken rouge he would have died.
      The wizard was allowed to spend the night in the temple, but in the morning he was invited to eat a feast for breakfast.  The food was poisoned and he did not make his saves, and ended up eating so much food that he got so sick that he could only make it back to his room.  He decided really fast that if he stayed he was going to be in a lot of trouble.  So he started planing his escape.  The rouge and avenger went to the temple to find the wizard.
      When the others got the the temple the came in right as something hit the inner door to the temple being hit with a magic missile that came out of the wizards eyes.  When the door did not break the first time the wizard used Force Orb and then the fight was on.  The group was out numbered so they tried to run away and this was a good thing for they almost died.
      I am glad that they ran, because not I can add in to the story that they are being hunted by the church of Helm.  so I will have an NPC party that is hunting them as they go. 
      Now that they have finished the quest to Helm's Hold it is time to start working on the Spring of Neverwinter.  I am excited about that there is going to be plants and maybe a dragon or two.
Posted on December 1, 2013 .