The Tower of An-rok Level 1

      Some times I run a game while making it up as we go, the Tower of An-rok is one of those things.  So I was able to start writing all the things that I need for that game.  I have got up to the monster in the grass.  Now I will share with you what happen on the first level of the tower.
      Just like the Giant snake it was Basil the rabbit that killed the monster in the grass.  They found the monster by sending an orphan boy in to the grass, this boy was killed right a way.  The group did not worry about cutting the grass down so there could be more monsters in the grass, but I guess we will never know.
      The Front doors of the Tower are made of Cherry oak, and carved in to the door is such art work of the stars and planets.  The doors were locked, but Basil used his lock pick to get them open.  He walked in the the round room triggering the spinning blade trap. The barbarian was able to destroy the blade but not before he took a lot of damage, he has to be very careful because he is on a deal  that he gets have of everything the group finds but if he dies the deal is off.  I created this deal kind of knowing that he was going to die, the deal came about because instead of going to help the party find a job he want to go to the bar, so the others decided that they were only going to give him 1000 g.p for doing the job.  The bard was able to find some paper and ink, he all so found a per of balls in a box; he has not been able to use them yet but the are medicine balls that allow him to gain hit points as though he had spent a healing surge.
      They now stand before the doors to level two, there are sounds coming from the inside what could it be? we will find out soon.
Posted on September 14, 2013 .