The Tower of An-rok and The Death of a Team

      As the party stands before the door to level 2, the barbarian prepares to crash through the door.  Then he goes for it, breaking in the door and landing on a Glyph of Warding getting hit by lightning.  The bard and the other three members jumped over the ward, because he was not able to turn it off.  The bard and the fighter were able to jump the ward, but the Invoker was not able to make it, and triggered the ward again all most killing the barbarian.
      In this room was a floating door in the center of the room, the group was not able to find a way to reach the door.  So they went to the door to level three.  When they opened the door it was too dark to see anything.  They did not have a touch or any other way to create light, so they went back down to search level 2.  While searching they found a leaver and pulled it, this triggered the stairs up to the door in the center of the room.  When they opened the door the light inside was so bright that they could not see anything.  They went in anyway.  In this room was an Angle of Protection, The group did not give the password so the angle attacked.  By the time the group figured out they could not win this fight, the fighter had already been killed.  They retreated out of the room and closed the door, when they closed the door the stairs disappeared and they all fall to the floor.
      Those that were still alive, rested up, and then went up the stairs to level 3.  This time the invoker summoned a Fire Angle to light the way, in the room were four doppelgangers,  The fight was a good one, and the group took some damage but they took care of the monsters.   The only things in this room was the monsters so the group went to the next level.
      At the door to level 4, the bard disabled the trap on the door, and then picked the lock and when he opened the door, the barbarian decided that he was not going to do his job any more, and told the group that if they where not going in the room first, then they just won't be going in to this room.   The bard was finally able to get the barbarian to understand that it was his job to protect the party, and they were ready to go in to the room.  In this room were three Pserdodragons and the  bard was able to claim all three of them and the party was able to walk to the next door.
      No one find the traps in the door so when the barbarian entered the triggering the spinning blade.  Once again the trap got the best of the barbarian, but that would not be the worst part of this tower.  In level six were five lizard folk.  They only had clubs but these Lizards kick the crap out of the bard and the other two ran away.  Two members died, and the other two were stuck in the tower because they could not get passed the Glyph of Warding thus ends the hero's of Neverwinter.

Posted on September 22, 2013 .