A New Neverwinter Part 2; Some Real Bad Dudes.

The Cast
      Mister Jenkins; Gnome Barbarian (Male)
      Grelche; Elf Fighter (Female)
      Saring Lagooh; Human Invoker (Male)
      Morgan Rans; Elf Bard (Male)
      Basil Stag Hare; A Rabbit Hexblade (Male)

The Story
      While be for we start I just want to say that the player playing the Gnome told me that this Gnome is 300 pounds.  This is not really how I saw the Gnome but to each his own.  Casey once play a Gnome Barbarian that it was more like this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KqjOGdOMtA&list=PLFFFEAC819223C542.
      Now lets get to the good stuff.  Last time a giant snake attacked Basil in the bar he was at.  This story is about what happens next.  We start with the bar keep wanting to know what the group is going to do about the whole in the floor.  After telling the bar keep that it was not their problem, Mister Jenkins dropped a flaming beer done the whole and then jumped down, Everyone else followed.   The whole lead to the sewers of Neverwinter,  the group started exploring with the gnome in the front.
      Shortly after entering the sewers, the group encountered some Rat People.  even thought the bard would take to them in common, they would only answer in there speech.  He was able to understand them, but no one else could.   They asked what he was doing in the sewers with the  group he was traveling with.  He told them that they wore looking for some snakes because one had attacked Basil.
      The gnome wanted to attack these rat people, but Morgan was able to get him; to understand that they did not need to attack every person they meet.  so after make small talk the group went there way.  It was not long before these rats would do what they do best, and try to steal from the group.  The target was the fighter.  The rats did not do a good job of hiding and the fighter was able to caught on to what was happening.  During the battle the gnome was killed once but the bard healed him, and then the gnome went down again.  Just as things were starting to look bad for this group, Morgan tried to speak with them in rat and   try and get them to stop fighting.  Morgan was able to trade a sun rod for there safety.
      The group was really beat up, Basil wanted to go back to the bar and rest for the night.  He was also not really sure why the group and gone down the whole.  When they got back to the whole, it had be covered up and the rope was dropped.  The group was not happy with this, but Basil was the one that came up with the idea to get the rats to help them out.  The plan was to get the rats to break through the whole and make chaos and then  the group would fake killing the rats.  While only part of the plan went the way it should have.  The rats got there the whole so the others could follow, but the group was not able to knock out the rats; before they killed everyone in the bar.  The Rats told Morgan that because they helped the rats take over the bar, they could spend the night but then the other members of the group would have to leave.  The group was ok with this because Basil  had come up with a plan to blow up the bar.  And so they did killing all the rats that were in the bar.
      While because the rats had killed the man that hired the group there was no way for the group to get paid so it was off to find the job board.  While for some of them it was time to got find work, for the gnome it was time to go find a bar and get drunk.  The gnome told the others that it was there job to find work for them all so he left them.  Before they went to the job board, Basil and Morgan decided that they were going to find a corner that they could play some music and get some money that way.  They were able to make about 50 gold pieces.  At the job board, they found three jobs that they could look in to.  1. There was a lady looking for someone to free her lover who was on his airship trapped in a bottle.  2.  A wizard was looking for some people to do some research and find some items.  The last was a wizard who was working on some projects and his tower was taken over by the monsters in his lab.  This is the job the group took.  He was paying 2000 g,p per person, but the group told the gnome that it was only 1000, because he left them.
      When the group got to the tower, that grass was so tall that they could not see the door.  they found an orphan boy and paid him 1 g.p to go in and see what he could find.  The orphan boy was not gone long before the group could hear him being eaten by something.  When the group went in they found a Carrion Crawler.  They killed it fast and went to the front door.

Posted on August 13, 2013 .