Day: I don't even know what day it is.

Even thought this group has been playing Neverwinter for just under a year.  If I was to put a starting day on it I would have to guess it is about day 10.

On this day, the adventures are on their way to the docks, to try and end a civil war.  But first the Sword Mage has to find out about getting his new magical arm upgraded.  The mage will be ready to start the first upgrade night time, making it so the sword will come out of the Sword Mages hand.

The adventures were told by Lord Neverember, to go to the docks and meet with the leaders of the rebal forces.  While on the way to the docks, the group ran in to some Red Wizards who were only to happy to try and kill the mage of the group, Who early made a bad deal with the Red Wizards.  Also at the same time six zombies were spoting heading towards the City Center right where the adventures were fighting the Red Wizards.

After the fight with the wizards, and zombies the adventures were checking on the towns' people when from the docks came a giant explotion as the kraken attack killing even those that freed it.  "The battle was epic, something for the whole family to enjoy."  The pirate used his cursed bullete, and found that it might be more of a blessing because even though it does less damage; he doesn't need to spend on round reloading. 
The sword mage used one attack that took the kraken 110 feet into the air and droped him, the problem was that was right in to the water, even though the kraken took 68 points of damage, the rest of the group got slamed  by a tidelwave for 47 points of damage.
In the end the adventures won hte battle but the cleric is not looking so good.

Posted on April 14, 2013 .