New Enchantment - Who Dis?, Pinheads: The Pinterest Podcast Under the tutelage of 80s gaming and television, Theresa was destined for geekdom. Her first love was a Robotech character and her first game was Pac-Man. How could it be any other way? From the old 2600 to the WiiU to the PC, she's been thoroughly entertained and frustrated well into adulthood and has every intention of being that 80 year old smack-talking grandma cackling into her microphone on the PS47.

It's worth noting that Theresa lost her college scholarship due to a rather unhealthy Civilization addiction. She's called in sick for work on release dates, and she's blown off social engagements for MMOs... wait, aren't those social engagements anyway? Yeah. We think so too.

Back in the day she did part-time freelance work for Ziff Davis, publisher of EGM and related magazines such as Pocket Games and Official Playstation Magazine. After that, she went back to college (sans Civ) and finally graduated, this time on her own dime and with a rather impressive GPA. See, we do eventually grow up, in a manner of speaking.

Theresa toiled away in the IT field for many years before retiring early to home educate her offspring. In her free time she chases cats around the house, plays entirely too many video games (obviously), volunteers with various homeschooling organizations, watches sci-fi and anime, shops at IKEA, reads voraciously, and browses Imgur and other such ilk 'til her eyes fall out.