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!!! Tell Me Doctor, Where Are We Going This Time? (Bruce Willis is Marty McFly) !!!

Looper, I Don't Even Know Her!?!

Time travel is a tricky concept to grasp. There are scientists that have theorized about the possibility of moving through space and time for many years. From Einstein to Carl Sagen all the way through to Stephen Hawking, some of the most respected men in the field of science have discussed the likelihood of actually traveling forward or backward in time. We may never see science and technology catch up to the theories, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from mining time travel as a heavily used plot device. James Cameron used it to bring robots from the future back to kill the leader (and his mother) of the resistance opposing said robots. Robert Zemeckis sent Marty McFly back to 1955, then forward to the future, then back to the old west (I still don't know how they keep that movie series straight). Doctor Who does it consistently week in week out on TV. Everywhere you turn someone on some show or movie is traveling to and fro through the Time Stream (yes, I love DC comics and their crazy time and space hopping).

Apparently, Hollywood is not through sending people hurtling through the time vortex. Check out the trailer for the new Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring action movie called "Looper". This is one seriously crazy concept they got going on here. The story goes that, in the future, time travel is possible, but, because of the unpredictability of the act of time hopping, it has been outlawed. It is only available on the black market and used by criminals and the like. The mob has found that if they want someone dead they send them back in time to a hit man, who gets paid for the act. This is an effective way to avoid the unpleasant and potentially incriminating disposal of a body. Who's going to look in the past for a guy that's missing in the future? Pretty Smart, Huh. Well Gordon-Levitt is the hit man tasked with killing these people and one day they send someone that he didn't expect. They send the older version of Joey's character (played by Bruce Willis) back in time so he can kill himself. Let's forget about creating a time paradox and just check out the awesomeness that takes place in this trailer. Plus, it's got Bruce Willis, and I know some people (mostly a certain woman) who will drool their heads off at seeing this 57 year old man push his walker around a movie screen for a couple of hours. Well, take a gander and let us know what you think. I'll Be Back!!!

Todd "1.21 Gigawatt" B.

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!!! Dr. McCoy, Cursed Earth Pizza (Judge Dredd Is Now Just Dredd) !!!

Bones, Are You Really The "Law"?!?

So, here we are a day later and to no one's surprise Lionsgate has released the "Full" trailer for their reboot of Judge Dredd, now simply know as Dredd. Was that so hard? Did I really have to go on a rant yesterday about the "teaser for a trailer" thing? I don't think so, Lionsgate. Guess what guys, your not even in the big leagues yet. Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, and 20th Century Fox are your major leaguers, at best you guys are triple A ball. So, you need to dismount the pretentious horse and just release the gosh darn trailers already.

Ok, I am done with the ranting and we are moving on. We are moving, we are moving, we are moving, and we are stopping. Now, I am really excited about this Judge Dredd (Dredd for short). I'm a fan of the Stallone version (yeah, not the popular opinion) and I am also a fan of the Judge. You put Karl Urban in it, as Judge Dredd no less, and I'm pretty much in a seat opening weekend. Urban is fantastic as Dr. McCoy in the new Star Trek movies and I've been a fan since LOTR where he played Eomer. Not all of the movies he's been in have been good, but he is good in everything he's in. Those New Zealanders are born with it.

This also looks like a more gritty take than the first one. I know, I know, I've been slamming the dark and edgy route for a week now. This, however, is a different situation. Stallone's take had both moments of grittiness and moments of humor. Judge Dredd in the comics was always a dark character and putting him deeper into that world does not fundamentally change the character. It possibly could be the exclusion of Rob Schneider that changes the tone (no, really?) or it could just be a more serious adult take on the material, it still doesn't matter. Dredd is a policeman who has the ability to convict and punish (think execute) criminals on the spot, that's heavy as it is. This looks very interesting and it has me ready to see it. Well, I guess I wasn't done ranting after all, how bout that (not surprised)?

There's more news out there (thank God), so I'll be back with more news and rumors. Stay seated with your hands and arms inside the blog at all times, and, please, no flash photography.

Todd "Lawgiver" B.


Yep, he is "The Law"!!!