Nic's Exciting News of the Day Roundup

Please note: I was going to post this last night, but then I was feeling sick and didn't get to it. So the news is one day old.

Here's a new feature I'm going to try out. Every day (ish, maybe every other day), towards the end of the day I'm going to do a post where I share with you good folks what were to me the most interesting or exciting dorky stories of the day, often with links to the sites where I learned of the news.

So, for today:

1. Wii U sales actually pretty good. - It seems to me that a lot of folks in the game industry, and an even larger portion of gaming journalists and bitter people on the Internet seem to root for the end of Nintendo (or at least, the end of their console business and a move to third-party status). Such hate. So whenever a Nintendo system doesn't sell as much as quickly as the best selling Nintendo systems, they shout gleefully it from the rooftops. And if they only have partial sales data, they assume the rest, with it invariably bad for Nintendo. But IGN is reporting that Gamestop is reporting that US/Canada sales of the Wii U have actually been pretty good so far. So....yeah.

2. LEGO Marvel Superheroes Announced - I like LEGO. I like the LEGO games. I like Marvel superheroes. And the game is coming to the Wii U and 3DS. So what's not to like here.

3. "Man of Steel" writer says the movie is one that the world needs right now. - What does that mean, I wonder. You know, I want to like this new Superman movie.

Yup, CES is going on, with all the "super-cool" phones, tablets, tvs, and gaming gizmos, and this is what interests me. That's how it is.

Until tomorrow,

 - Nic

Posted on January 9, 2013 .