If It's Not One Thing...

Sorry for not delivering on the content so far. I really hate this, as I was serious the other day about getting serious about posting content.

But my family and I have been moving for the past few days. Between the run up to the move, the move itself, the aftermath, and other things happening, I've had very little time.

And then there's this: So we have DishNetwork. We love DishNetwork. They have great channel packages, great quality HD, and an excellent DVR.  They also have this service called "Dish Mover" for when you move and want to keep using Dish (hence, the appropriate named service). It's quite convenient.

Monday was the offical move day, and thus the day of the Dish Move. The technician came, installed the actual dish in the new place (not an easy feat, given the foliage in the area), and hooked it up to our reciever, with the aforementioned DVR, which was filled to the brim (if harddrives have such things) with copious amounts of programming, including new episodes of the shows I'm going to review--episodes I had not yet watched (that's important to the story). The tech said that sent we'd now be picking up signal from different satellites than we had been, the occasional "complete signal loss" messages we were seeing were normal, and would end by the next day. You probably know where this is going. They didn't end. Rather, they stayed pretty steady. New episodes of shows were recorded throughout the week, although often they were so glitched up as to be unwatcheable (and creepy). So today I called them up, and let them know about the situation. They offered to send out a tech this afternoon. I took them up on that. And long story short, he determined that the reason for our low signal was that our almost-six-year-old reciever was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. My first thought was, "And there goes our DVR recordings."

Indeed, they're gone. They're all gone, folks. Clone Wars. Voltron Force. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thundercats. Castle. NinjaGo. The Looney Tunes Show. The Big Bang Theory. NASA Channel stuff. And a bunch of other shows/movies y'all either don't care about or would mock me for having.

So, I'm going to try this again, begining with episodes airing tomorrow. Hopefully our shiny new Dish reciever will cooperate.

Now recieving programming from satellites at orbital locations 110 W, 119 W, and 129 W, I am still...

 - Nic

Posted on October 5, 2012 .