!!! I'll Take A Bottle Of Jack And Some Nails, I Got To Go Build AHouse (Unofficial Punisher) !!!

Thomas Jane is the Man !!!

Marvel is the king right now. No question that they are dominating the movie world and there seems to be no end in sight. This is good, we need someone making good superhero/comic book films because apparently "No One Else Will". They have done well thru other studios with the X-Men and Spider-Man and have dropped the bomb with their Marvel Universe Movies through Disney. Then there is the other side of the coin, the 2nd and 3rd tier characters that have homes at different studios. I thought the first Daredevil movie was good, I liked the first Ghost Rider, and my favorite of the bunch was the first Punisher movie. For some reason, I don't know if it's Marvel not caring (maybe on purpose because of the rights) or the studio, that has the rights, is putting crap out to keep those rights for themselves, but the second films in those franchises have been a letdown. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance could have been great and there are flashes of that greatness in the film, but ultimately it crashes and burns on the crappy choices made by too hip directors. The second Punisher film subtitled "War Zone" had the exact same problem. It had everything in place to be a great movie (great action, great cast, set in New York), but fell short because of poor choices that didn't fit the characters. If this is Marvel's strategy for getting their character back in house it appears to be working. The Punisher has already reverted back to Marvel and their parent company Disney, while Ghost Rider is seemingly headed in the same direction. Yes, this is good news because then these properties can be used in the multitude of universe building stories that Marvel intends to continue rolling out in "Phases". Can you imagine Captain America having to fight the Punisher or better yet team up with (albeit reluctantly on Cap's part) Frank in order to stop some terrorist plot? Of course, the Punisher would fly in the face of all of Cap's morals and there would be very heated discussions (see: fight) and that would be awesome, but it could also be a very long time away.

Well if Thomas Jane has anything to do with it, we may have that happen sooner rather than latter. He was a great Frank Castle (descent Punisher, better Castle) and he is an incredible actor (check out "The Mist" when you have the chance). He is also a fan and a big one at that. Jane has release a "Fan-Made" short film with him once again staring as Frank Castle (the Punisher) and can I say, "WOW"!!! Marvel, give this man another shot and, for crying out loud, bring this boy into the family already. He can easily hold his own against Evans and Downey Jr. so that's not a problem. From the short film he made, there's no problem with the ultra violence of the Punisher character on Jane's part. This thing screams love letter to Frank Castle and Thomas Jane is serious about this, he ain't playing. He has always professed his love of the character as recently as last year's Comic-Con and now we know the extent to which that love goes. This short is fraking sweet with a capital FRAKING. I must warn you that it is a hard R for violence, situations, and language. If you are easily offended and/or queasy about gore, don't, I repeat, don't click the link and watch this film (I know that's like saying don't touch the giant flashing red button that says ultimate destruction, but seriously do yourself a favor, if you can't handle it, stay away). For everyone else, click away, right "here". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Oh, did I mention it has the greatest man alive in it. Yes, Ron Perlman makes a cameo and as always makes everything that much better. You can't throw a rock without hitting Ron Perlman these days and I'm OK with that (also check the sweet appearance of everyone's favorite drink, YooHoo or Jack Daniels, which ever one you prefer). Let us know what you think in our comments or on our forums. Until next time, everyone needs to learn what the difference between justice and punishment or Thomas Jane will kick your butt. Sayonara, bad guys.

Todd "Dolph Lundgren" B.

Also, Brian Grazer needs to suck it up and let Thomas Jane play Roland in the Dark Tower. That needs to happen in a bad way.