!!! Ridley Scott Has Got Da Philosophical Skills To Pay Da Bills (MorePrometheus News) !!!

It's Prometheus Week Here In Cabo San Lucas! All You College Kids Grab Your Xenomorph And Get Down Tonight (Watch Those Facehuggers, You Don't Want A Bun In The Oven) !?!?

I'm Baaacck, with more Prometheus news for all you people who can't get enough of those wacky Engineers. I posted my review earlier, which you can view here, but I wanted to do a follow up to that and give you news that has come to light about what's next for this movie.

First, we already have preorders up for the eventual DVD and Blu-Ray releases (well... that was quick). You can head over to your respective favorite online store and drink the Kool-Aid right on up. To go along with that, Collider has an interview with Sir Ridley about what we might expect on the upcoming release (think "extended edition", Oh, and a little about that Blade Runner sequel). Click it and see!

Second, as Josh, Nic, and I sat in the theater after seeing Prometheus and the credits rolled, we were discussing the film when Nic noticed a web address show up at the end of the sequence. That's not unusual in and of itself (lot's of films do it), what was really strange was the date listed for the website, "10.11.12"?!? What the hay? That's not till October? So something is happening in October on the Weyland Industries website. The date also corresponds to the New York Comic Con, so make of that what you will. Also, you may want to check out the Weyland Industries Timeline on the official site to get an idea of what's happening in October. There's also a video that you can check out here. Go Crazy!!

Third, for my more deep thinking readers, I tried, in my review, to present my ideas of what might have been the thinking behind some of the choices made in the movie. I tried to present a convincing argument as to how I saw all these movies tying to together into a cohesive whole. Those were merely the surface of what was going on in Prometheus. I was looking at it with the vision of a fan of the Alien universe. It hadn't occurred to me to go deeper (in my defense, I would have gotten there eventually). Alas, someone has beaten me too it. Cavalorn over at LiveJournal posted a blog about what he thinks the deeper meanings behind Prometheus are. The man has certainly done his homework when it comes to the post, so I'll just say "read" and "discuss", either here in the comments or on the forums. If you are so inclined drop Cavalorn a comment or two and let him know what you think, I'm sure he would appreciate it greatly. My own thoughts are, that in the setting of a fictional universe, this is deep stuff (and I should know, I majored in Theology). The use of myths, legends, and historical facts to craft an incredible backstory to a simple horror tale made 33 years ago and set in space is mind boggling. If even half the things in this blog post were considered by Sir Ridley along with Spaihts and Lindelof, it is an incredible testament to planning and the subtle thoughts behind decisions that were made while filming this movie. If, the first time, we just went to see an Alien prequel, maybe we should all have to go back to college just to see it again.

Todd "Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen" B.

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