!! Post Apocalyptic Land Of Enchantment Here We Come (Blu-Ray News) !!

The Mayans were right, the world will end this year!?!?

We are all doomed. It is official. No if, ands, or buts about it, life as we know it is coming to an end. Maybe we will have to fight Cyberdyne for the future or maybe a big asteroid that Bruce Willis (the only man that Nic will ever have to compete with for the love of a woman) fails to stop is the thing that does us in, I don't know, but I know that it's going to happen. How do I know, you might ask? Well, take the news that was just reported by the Digital Bits (in their daily column) about the imminent release of one of the greatest movies to ever grace the silver screen. It will be a 25th Anniversary Edition with special features and everything. And the best part, it's on Blu-ray in hi-def. You may be asking, "What movie could possibly be released on Blu-ray that would be able to cause the end of the world?". We'll here it is.

Wait for it!!!

Masters of the Universe staring Dolph Lundgren!!!

Yes sir, it is now official. Dick Clark is dead. Ray Bradbury is gone (happened yesterday and I didn't get a chance to mention it, he will be missed), and now Masters of the Universe will be released on Blu-ray special edition.

Well played, Mayans, well played.

Todd "fallout shelter" B.

[The Digital Bits]