Mr. Worf fighting the forces of evil in our living rooms?

We all know Michael Dorn has no reservations about playing everyone's favorite Klingon/non-merry-man, given that he has been in all 7 seasons of TNG, all 4 TNG films, several seasons of DS9, and...mild spoiler alert...Star Trek On-line (his likeness is used, at any rate).

Well, Blastr is reporting that Mr. Dorn is working on a script for a direct-to-disc Star Trek film featuring Mr. Worf, "in the front lines basically chasing terrorists." He's going to meet with Rick Berman, then his manager, then some people at SyFy, and then CBS.

He's so excited about the script that he couldn't help but curse (in English, not Klingon, you pahtks).

Although the buzzwords 'darker and edgier' are used, I'm still very interested in what comes of this. I'm missing the 25th century something fierce.

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 - Nic


Thanks to Mr. X for bringing this one to us as well!

Posted on June 2, 2012 .