!!! Updated With Major Spoilers !!! I Would Like Some Mandarin With My Side Of Iron Man 3!!!

Ben Kingsley is the Mandarin after all!!

Oh and by the way, this contains mild Spoilers for both the Iron Man films and the Iron Man comic. So heads up to all of you who might want to quit reading now if you want to remain innocent as a little bitty baby.

Still there? Good, let's continue. When Iron Man 3 was announced by Marvel as being the next movie to follow The Avengers in the Marvel movieverse, it was assumed that Jon Favreau would continue to tell his story of Tony Stark's journey and finally pay off all the not so subtle hints he dropped in the first two films about the powers behind the scenes that were out to get Iron Man. Then Marvel dropped the bomb, no Farveau for Iron Man 3, at least as director (he will reprise his role as Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's bodyguard and driver). Then Shane Black was brought in to add his unique vision to the story (I.E. he was good friends with Downey Jr. having worked on Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang together). The question still remained would the Mandarin show up in Iron Man 3 or any future Marvel movies for that matter?

The consensus then, from all sources close to the production, was that the film would revolve heavily around the ideas found in the Extermis storyline by Warren Ellis (Tony Stark and nanotechnology with the suit becoming an extension of his body). So where did that leave the Mandarin? Seemingly out in the cold if Shane Black and the powers at Marvel Studios are to be believed. The denials of that character's inclusion in the latest installment came fast and furious (no relation to that movie franchise) from all parties involved. Then came the casting of Sir Ben Kingsley as an unnamed villan and the joint production with China and the casting of Chinese actors for supporting roles and the rumors began again that the Mandarin would be in the movie.

While there is no official word from Marvel, Latino Review is reporting today that word from the currently filming set is that Mr. Kingsley is indeed playing the Mandarin, albeit in a more shadowy role, while Guy Pearce (who is confirmed to be portraying Aldritch Killian, the main baddy in the Extremis comic) will be the focus of the Douchebaggery against Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark.

Once again we see the lengths to which a studio will go to keep the secrets of an upcoming movie umm... secret. "Let's just out and out lie to the audience and when they see it on screen it will be a suprise." Yeah, that's a great idea Hollywood, because I am going to take your word on everything even when you prove yourself wrong by, oh I don't know, "releasing the film in theaters so everyone can see the lie on a big gigantic screen". I'm just saying. You can read more at the links below. Enjoy.

Todd (I'm really the Mandarin) B.

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SuperHeroHype has a report (with pictures) from the North Carolina set of Iron Man 3 that appears to show the Iron Patriot suit in front of the cameras. Iron Patriot is the Iron Man suit worn by Norman Osbourn in the comic series Dark Avengers and has a color scheme based of both the American Flag and Captain America's outfit. Since Norman Osbourn is included in the deal Sony signed with Marvel to produce Spider-man movies it will not be that character piloting this machine. It appears from the pictures that James Badge Dale, who plays Eric Savin in the film, will be in the suit. In the comic, Savin becomes the cyborg Coldblood. It is not yet known if Dale will wear multiple suits in the films or if the film makers have decided to make two characters into one. If you want to stay in the land of the unspoiled, do not click the links in this post. Otherwise go crazy and click away. Stay Tuned.