Episode List (So far)

Here's a list of the episodes we've got recorded. We're just busy getting them all edited and such.

Episode 1: William Candy
In the first, not so exciting episode of The Inner Dorkdom, Nic and Josh explain where they come from, where they've been and where they're going. Trust us, it's not that exciting. Josh stutters a lot, there's no actual topic... Listen to this episode at your own risk. You'd probably be better off jumping straight into episode 2. Seriously.

Episode 2: Terminator - Part 1
Here's the episode you should start with!!!!! After their first official segment, "Nerd News", Nic and Josh tackle the ENTIRE Terminator franchise (Well, at least everything that's been committed to film) in the first part of a two-parter. In this part, they cover the first 3 Terminator films, hate on the "greatest action movie of all time", praise the "worst", attempt to explain the complications of time travel, and talk alot about "what Kyle Reese said in Terminator 1".

Episode 3: Terminator - Part 2
The 2nd part of covering the Terminator franchise. Josh and Nic realize and discuss (at great length) the problems with Terminator: Salvation while still realizing that it's a good movie, and talk a bit about the franchise's first great, and maybe last, foray into television (The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Nic explains why he can't stand Sarah Connor, while Josh explains that his love for Summer Glau is in no way creepy. At all. Really, it's not.

Episode 4: Look! A terrible RPG Podcast draws near!
Josh reveals a guilty pleasure, our boys talk a bit about COD: Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, discuss the horrors of competitive online gaming, and make a horrible attempt at talking about Role Playing Games... A subject in which they have very little knowledge.

Episode 5: Podcast in Disguise!
Josh updates on his guilty pleasure, Nic talks about seeing some kinda new moon, and for some reason, they try to compare the original Beverly Hills 90210 to Twilight. Hilarity ensues, people. Hilarity ensues.
Oh yeah, they talk about Transformers, too.

Episode 6: Heroes
No, not "Heroes" the show on NBC (although it is an awesome show). This episode, Josh and Nic discuss their favorite heroes from all forms of media. We find out exactly why Josh likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and exactly who the "Whip Ninja" is.

Episode 7: The Trek
On their way to Panama City, Florida, Nic and Josh are joined by a very special guest as they talk.... and talk.... and talk....
.....and talk about all things Star Trek.

Episode 8: The Trek - Part 2
...and talk... and talk...
They're still talking...

Episode 9: I'm Afraid You're Just Too Darn Loud!
On their way back from PC, our boys just had to get one more in. So here it is: a discussion on the GREATEST film trilogy of all time (at least in Josh's opinion)::drum roll::
Back To The Future!!!
Posted on January 6, 2010 .