Episode 2: Terminator - Part 1

After their first official segment, "Nerd News", Nic and Josh tackle the ENTIRE Terminator franchise (Well, at least everything that's been committed to film) in the first of a two-parter. In this part, they cover the first 3 Terminator films, hate on the "greatest action movie of all time", praise the "worst", attempt to explain the complications of time travel, and talk alot about "what Kyle Reese said in Terminator 1".
Watch out; it's a long one. Remember what we told you last week about using the pause button!
Posted below are some graphics you can use as a visual aid for when Nic launches into his lecture on the main, fictional differences in time travel.


Bill & Ted style:
Bill & Ted

Back To The Future style:
Back to the Future

The Time Machine style:
The Time Machine

Star Trek "Parallels" style:
Posted on January 14, 2010 .