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DESCRIPTION:   Southgate Media Group is a multi-media company specializing in podcasts, videos and blogs that are entertaining, interesting, and informative.    

MISSION: Southgate Media Group is a company devoted to creating entertaining, interesting, and informative media content. Our mission is to produce high quality content (podcasts, videos and blogs), foster creativity, develop leaders, and build relationships. Our goal is to inspire and equip our podcasters to reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives. SMG aspires to be a positive force for our audiences. Podcasts on other networks often have inappropriate material making it impossible to listen freely when children are within earshot.  Even though the subject matter may not be suitable for all ages, SMG believes that the language and how ideas are discussed should be. We passionately strive to offer content that allows families to listen together about topics they are interested in without worrying about inappropriate language. We want to provide opportunities for families to connect through podcasting.


VISION:   Southgate Media Group’s vision is to establish multiple channels full of rich content that will appeal to a wide audience. Each channel will have its own focus thus ensuring a broad base of information. Southgate Media Group has plans to branch out into publishing, filmmaking, video production, and other forms of media.


PODCAST TITLES:  10 Thousand Dawns, 12 Monkeys Podcast, 515 Fantasy Football, 80’s Reboot Overdrive, Ash Talk: The Ash vs The Evil Dead Podcast, Bachelor Universe Podcast, Baker Street: The Elementary Podcast, Before the Bat: The Gotham Podcast, Big Picture Radio, Binge Worthy, Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast, SMG Blacklist Podcast, Bosch Podcast, Channel 52: The DC Podcast, Chester’s Mill Report: The Under the Dome Podcast, Comrades: The Americans Podcast, Coo Coo for Who: The Doctor Who Podcast, Disturbed: The American Horror Story Podcast, Dracula Podcast, Ever After: The Once Upon a Time Podcast, Flash/Arrow Power Hour, Flashpoint: The Flash Podcast, Gaming with Scott, Geek My Kids, Geektastic Cage Match, Go Fund This!, Headless: The Sleepy Hollow Podcast, Ice Fire Dragons & Wolves: The Game of Thrones Podcast, Indie Game: The Podcast, Inner Dorkdom, Input Junkie, The Kevin Long Show, Krypton Report: The Supergirl Podcast, Live at the Blue Box, Nerd’s Domain Podcast, New Media Lab, Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast, Nuff Said: The Marvel/Agents of SHIELD Podcast, Orange is the New Black Podcast, Pinheads: The Pinterest Podcast, Primatech Files: The Heroes Podcast, Queen Consolidated: The Arrow Podcast, Radio Free Endor: The Star Wars Podcast, Radio Ramen: The Anime Podcast, Red Shirted The 100 Podcast, Set Lusting Bruce, SRTV Pilot Roundtable, Star Wars Rebels Cast, The Strain Podcast, The Fandom Zone Podcast, There Are Four Lights: The Star Trek Podcast, This Week in Geek, Trumpet Talk, Welcome to Beacon Hills: The Teen Wolf Podcast, Winchester Report: The Supernatural Podcast, Wrestling Authority Podcast, You Got GOT: The Game of Thrones Podcast, Superconnectivity, Gamma Cast: The Hulk Podcast, All New Marvel Review, World’s Finest, AutoExec.Bat Podcast: The Halt and Catch Fire Podcast, In Hoff We Trust: The Duetschland 83 Podcast


ADDITIONAL TITLES: Dangerous Habits: The Constantine Podcast, Daredevil Tonight!, DRN Riles: The Almost Human Podcast, Endless Wonder: The Warehouse 13 Podcast, Ever After in Wonderland: The Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Podcast, Fantasy Sports Center, Fast Talkers: The Flash Podcast, Gotham Tonight!, King of the Lab: The Bones Podcast, Live at the Geek Bar, Longmire Posse Podcast, Maybe Not the Worst Podcast Ever, Monroe’s Comfy Sweater: The Grimm Podcast, Newcastle Crew Podcast, PodQuest: The Tabletop Gaming Podcast, Second Mass Report: The Falling Skies Podcast, The Killing Podcast, Taleweaver Podcast, Tour de Cons,




               January 2016