First I want to give you just a background on the name of this blog to let you know what you should be expecting as you deep dive into my ramblings. I want to focus on telling you about the many toys that I own. Almost exclusively they are an incarnation of my Batman, so hopefully this is your cup of tea. I also have various artist prints, much like the toys, you will notice an obvious theme towards the Dark Knight. As I was contemplating the name of the blog I wanted to evoke something similar to a Bag of Holding, for those that do not recognize that is a nod to my youth commemorating many late hours spent playing Dungeons and Dragons. As D&D is exclusively in my past and I needed a blog title to evoke something that is closer to what you will be reading about and a strong reference to my favorite hero. I knew for those familiar with the 1966 Batman TV show, it was demonstrated almost every week that the utility belt could and did hold a wealth of needed items. As each of my entries will show, we are going to run through a multitude of random stuff.  Welcome to Dave’s Utility Belt!