Born the daughter of a sci-fi/fantasy-loving Dad and a true crime/mystery-following Mom, Roxanne was destined to place somewhere on the awkward geek spectrum. Her personal baptism into the geek fold took place when her dad would plop her on the sofa with him to watch Dr. Who reruns on PBS and Star Trek: The Next Generation in the evenings. It was his influence that later led to her following many different science-fiction franchises across many mediums, including her all-time favorite, Mass Effect, the video game series that has spawned novels, comics, an animated film, and many a shaken fist and bitter tears. Her first interest in podcasting began in 2005 when she began listening to a Harry Potter-centric show produced by The Leaky Cauldron fan site. In 2014, after having listened to an H.P. Lovecraft book club-style show for a few years, she happened upon Wil Wheaton’s Geek & Sundry webshow, “Tabletop” playing “Elder Sign”, Fantasy Flight Games’ board game based on the Cthulhu mythology. She quickly dove headlong into a veritable pit of board-, card-, and roleplaying games that ultimately led to meeting John, a veteran tabletop gamer. They married in 2016 and launched Passionerdly Podcasts in the fall of 2017. Roxanne spends her days working from home and corralling their four dogs (Fred, Booker, Elizabeth, and Starbuck) and two cats (Sol and Neo).