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Robert Southgate - New Media Lab, 'Nuff Said, Live at the Blue Box, Reel Idiots, DisturbedChester's Mill ReportInput JunkieThe Killing PodcastEver AfterCoo Coo for WhoBaker Street, Binge Worthy, Pop Culture Countdown Co-founder of Southgate Media Group (SMG).  Rob has had various careers throughout his life, both in the creative world and the business sector, including working as a professional actor in commercials and films for 12 years, as well as owning a high end retail store.  Rob loves sharing ideas with others. He immerses himself in leadership and business development, and he has a strong passion for empowering others, and building into future leaders.  Along with his wife, Martha, Rob started SMG as a creative outlet and a way to incorporate all of their interests and their past experiences. Rob is an entrepreneur with  two Bachelors degrees in business (science of management and science of marketing) who is current pursuing his Masters in Marketing .  


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