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Roll For Fun

There are so many things I could talk about and this week, it was tough breaking it down to one topic. Last week I talked about passions, but it was a lot of business talk. Now I’d really like to get deeper into a passion I have that has little to do with business, Role Playing Games (RPGs).

I have been playing RPGs since my freshman year in high school. It was about the same time I started playing Magic: The Gathering, but we can come back to that topic another time. I was an impressionable lad, and I was taken under the wing of several older friends and half taught...

It's all about your passions

I’ve been called “weird”, “nerd”, and “odd” my entire life. Just like most kids, it bothered me, but eventually I accepted who I was and I enjoyed it. This blog is about what I enjoy. I’ve grown a passion for several things, all of them a bit nerdy. I grew up with a big imagination, and that’s stuck with me through my adult years. I am:

A RPG gamer, a LARPer, a table top gamer, a podcast listener, a movie and TV critic, a writer, a CEO, a small business owner, a podcaster, a talker, an introvert, an extrovert, a father, a husband, a producer, a manager, a Cthulhu enthusiast...