This Blog is for the new game I play in Crypts and things.

Mortard The Backbreaker of the Bear Clan,
comes from the Northern part of the world, the Ice Coast.  He travels with a nameless mage and now a fight, because the thief got his head blowen off by a trap. ( I have put most of the stuff today in my A gamer a day blog) so I will tell you the story of the Wolf Clan.  While traveling with my new carevan we meet a group of Wolf Clan barbarins, the master made a pact with this tribe, and then knowing they would betray this pact we made ready for them to come back.  And come back they did in the night.  After we won the fight I cut off the head of one of the  clan me and drove his sword throgh his skull as a token to all Wolf Clan members that they can try and come to get me.
Posted on April 20, 2013 .