PodQuest, Indie Game: The Podcast  Congealed over aeons in the molten core of the planet, I was ushered to the surface thousands of years ago through a volcanic fissure and emerged as a rock-man, infused with the essence of Earth itself. Alone and yearning for companionship, I sought attention and befriended the flora and fauna of the earth-kingdom. Over the centuries my form eroded and chipped away, smoothing my skin and features to my current incarnation in which I am angular and geometric - an ambulatory testament to polygonal random chance: a dice-kin, kith and kine to the games I hold dearest to my heart and Guardian of the Meeple and the Divine Polyhedrons.
    * Hobbies: Eternal stewardship of the Games of the Earth, crocheting.  

    * Also: Dogwalker by day, by night he does his REAL work(i.e. being a pompous jackass creative type). Crafting, costuming, scavenging, being an art kid/rent-a-bum/seasoned DM extraordinaire.  Living on the south side of Chicago(Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown territory), Mike is constantly re-inventing himself and evolving his approach to his goal: making board games from scratch.  He also runs fledgling Youtube channels/blogs for 'Expansion Theory' in which he builds custom expansions to existing tabletop games, and 'Urban T. Scavenger' where he vidblogs on his crafty projects, using found items and junk to make things and costumes(as well as how to be less wasteful)."