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WeKnowGames.com Podcast Michael is the 700 year old hate baby of The Doctor and Princess Zelda (or so he tells us). He has apparently beaten Ninja Gaiden 2 on the highest difficulty, and blindfolded at that. Michael has never once flinched, and that includes the time he woke up freefalling to his imminent death. Fortunately, being a forward thinking individual, he evolved organic jetpack feet sometime around Christopher Columbus' "discovering" of America. He wrested Godhood away from Odin, and is actually the one responsible for taking his eye. He is also running out of ideas of what to type to make himself sound more interesting and awesome, but he doesn't need to, since we all know only cool people speak in third person. Michael is the co-host of the WeKnowGames podcasts, and also the host of "The Groggy Gamer: Let's Drink" series, his own take on "Let's Play". A big fan of the action adventure genre, RPGs, indie gaming, and RogueLikes, he has been a gamer longer than he has been able to walk. He is always ready and willing to take on a challenge... especially if it involves alcohol. That being said, he is an avid supporter of drinking responsibly and having designated drivers. As he says, "ALWAYS, game responsibly!"v