Legends of Detroit

Legends of Detroit

(Could one of the most infamous Justice League teams make a great TV show?)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Fans of the Legends of Tomorrow TV show may agree with me that season two has been hit or miss episode to episode this season.  Whether it is the story or budgetary concerns, this show doesn't seem to be taking advantage of all the strengths a time travel show has at it’s disposal.  While season three is already confirmed, does this series need to remain a time travel story, or would a fresh start breathe new life into the show?


My idea for a new adventure would be to recreate the Justice League team of the 1980s that is mostly referred to as “Justice League Detroit”.  While many look down on this team that was mostly made up of new characters, I think this iteration could work in the Arrowverse, especially since most of the characters are already there.


The origin of this unique team began when most of the Justice League’s heaviest hitters didn’t respond to a call to action when aliens were set to attack Earth.  Aquaman rallied the members he could to defeat the invasion.  Later Aquaman, as a founding member, exercised his right to disband the League and set to work to rebuild a new team with members who could commit full time to a team that was Earth’s first line of defense. 


Aquaman would function as this new team’s leader until affairs in Atlantis would draw him away also.  So which CW characters were in this story and would be on the show?


Martian Manhunter

Justice League veteran J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter would take the role of leader after Aquman’s departure.  While his participation may seem unlikely due to him being a resident of Earth 38, at least one other member is not a native of Earth 1, which would suggest a new theme for the show.  Instead of time travel, this new team would be the protectors of the multiverse.



The other non-native of Earth 1, Gypsy comes from Earth 19 in the Arrowverse.  While her powers differ from her comic counterpart and are almost identical to another potential member, her background in law enforcement and battle tactics would make her a valuable member of this new Legends team.



While Cisco Ramone is a valuable member of Team Flash, it would be interesting to see him interact with a new team, and maybe become more of a hero in his story.  And with the flirtation that has passed between him and Gypsy this season, who knows where this love story would go.  And he would also be invaluable as the team’s tech expert.



Already a current member of the Legends of Tomorrow team, Vixen would be a great guide and deputy leader for the new team.  Although the issue of returning to her own time would have to be addressed unless they went with the original Arrowverse version, her granddaughter, we would see a continuation of another romance between Vixen and Citizen Steel.


Citizen Steel

Another current member of the Legends of Tomorrow team, Nate Heywood would not only bring his experience to the team, but also his strength, invulnerability, and his knowledge as a historian.   


So what do you all you Arrowverse fans think of my big idea.  What would it mean for the lineups on the other three CW DC shows? What would the annual four show crossover look like and how would it be executed?  Share YOUR thoughts!


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