Hanging with the Hood (Is Jason Todd leadership material?)

Hanging with the Hood

(Is Jason Todd leadership material?)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


After the last two series Red Hood aka Jason Todd has costarred in since the beginning of the New 52, I’ve been sort of disappointed.  I vowed I would not pick up the new Red Hood and the Outlaws series for DC Rebirth.  My World’s Finest Podcast (@worldsfinestpod) cohost Lilith Hellfire (@LilithHellfire) convinced me to give it a chance and guess what, it worked!  The Rebirth issue and issue #1 were mostly focused on just Jason Todd but that was fine with me.  I’ve been yearning for a good solo Red Hood series.  In my opinion the Red Hood we see in this book is the best interpretation we've seen since the New 52, maybe the best ever.  I think Jason has matured a little but still kept his edge.  And since they’ve been partnering him with one or two people in every book for the last few years, I think it’s time Jason got to lead a larger team.  A new Outsiders book anyone?  So who else would be featured in “Red Hood and the Outsiders”?  Here’s my dream team:


Artemis and Bizarro: the Outlaws

These two are already going to be appearing with Jason in the new Red Hood and the Outlaws book. I never would have thought of these two until I heard the idea.  I like the idea of the “dirty trinity” with Red Hood as the Batman, Artemis as the Wonder Woman, and Bizarro as the Superman.  These two are definitely now on my dream team!


Firestorm: the Nuclear Man

I think the next member should be powerful and have a different power set than the others.  I think Firestorm would fit this bill perfectly.  Whatever version DC uses would have powerful nuclear/transmutation powers, have the name recognition from the Legends of Tomorrow TV show, and would probably want to prove himself/themselves to the world that they are a hero equal to any in the Justice League.  


Doctor Fate: mystical house call

My next thought was that this team would need to be versatile enough to deal with any type of threat.  We now need an expert in all things magic and the supernatural.  At first I was thinking of John Constantine, but I think most knowledgeable fans agree that he is better on the fringes of the DC Universe, mostly dealing with other mystical figures.  So who has a bunch of magical ability and knowledge, has been a team player for much of his career but still exudes an air of mystery?  Doctor Fate!


Vixen: animal magnetism

We need another woman on this team.  Someone who’s a strong warrior, who learned team dynamics with the Justice League but also someone who can improvise in any situation, like in the Suicide Squad.  A woman who can follow orders but can also lead the team at a moment’s notice, a strong second in command. Vixen fits this description perfectly!


Does this team sound as awesome to you as it does to me?  Now Imagine a huge crossover event between this team, the Justice League, the Titans and the Teen Titans.  I’m thinking cowritten by Tim Seeley, Steve Orlando, Scott Lobdell and Tom King.  What do YOU think of any of this or who do YOU think should be a member of Red Hood’s crew?  Let me know!




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