DC Rebirth: A Return to Greatness

DC Rebirth: A Return to Greatness


by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


I’ve been meaning to get to this topic for weeks now.  I have a confession to make.  I wasn't that thrilled with DC Comics New 52 reboot.  I think my biggest issue was that DC eliminated it’s greatest strength, it’s long storied history and the legacies of it’s heroes.  Some identities were passed down a few times.  I think many shared my opinion because DC brought forth their Rebirth event.  In a move to return to the characters to their classic, more popular roots, storylines took a new direction and some pre-New 52 versions of characters like Superman and Wally West returned.  While I have enjoyed the whole of Rebirth, here are some of my top picks:


Superman Rebirth

One of my biggest problems with the New 52 was it’s version of Superman.  Gone was the son, husband, friendly, deep thinking hero of everyone.  This Superman’s adopted parents were dead, his marriage to Lois Lane never happened.  The once friendly hero was replaced with a brooding loner.  I’d say he was more similar to Batman except this Superman didn’t really seem to use his brains much.  But hope came in the form of last year’s Convergence miniseries.  Heroes from different timelines were all trapped on an alien planet, including the Superman and Lois Lane from right before the New 52.  Months later it was revealed that Superman, Lois, and their young son had been living on New 52 Earth for years.  With the supposed death of the New 52 Superman, the classic Superman has stepped in to defend humanity.  But if New 52 Superman is dead, who is that fully human Clark Kent that Superman has recently encountered?


Green Arrow Rebirth

The Green Arrow of the New 52 DC Universe wasn’t broken in my opinion, it just lacked an identity.  Between the loss of some of the classic elements and trying to decide if it’s hero should be the New 52 version or the character from the Arrow TV show, this book would rise and fall in popularity and sales.  But once again Rebirth brought back the classic elements of the Green Arrow mythos, including the relationship between Green Arrow and Black Canary, his legendary goatee, and his role as a hero of the common man.  This book may be the closest you’ll get to reading classic DC Comics of the past but still staying modern and relevant.


Wonder Woman Rebirth

I have to admit, i’m a new reader of the Wonder Woman book.  I just recently started reading, having only read a few issues of the New 52 run and a handful from the pre-New 52 era.  But I am intrigued with the original approach that is being taken with this story.  Instead of bringing back some original elements, the changes are coming because Wonder Woman has discovered a conspiracy, that she has been lied to for her entire life.  I can’t wait to see the brand new legacy that is forged for Wonder Woman.


Titans Rebirth

As I said previously, my biggest disappointment of the New 52 was the loss of the legacies of the heroes and their varying sidekicks.  Since the New 52 universe was supposedly so young, there was only time for one version of the Teen Titans.  Red Robin led a team of young heroes, the only Titans that ever formed.  But the Titans Hunt miniseries proved this to be a lie.  Thanks to a world-wide mind wipe, no one remembered the original Titans.  But eventually that team reformed just in time for one of their own to return and reveal the lie that was the New 52 Universe.  The original Kid Flash, Wally West returned to his team and friends to help bring about a return to greatness.  While not all of the classic team members were here, we did get a reunion of Nightwing, (Kid) Flash, Tempest, Donna Troy, and Arsenal.  


So DC Comics, in my opinion, is on the right track.  They've struck a great balance between the classic elements of their characters with a fresh, modern take.  Thank you everyone behind these and all of the Rebirth books.  I’m here for the ride and can’t wait to see where you take us next.  What do you think of DC Rebirth?  Let’s chat!




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