Superman & Tyler Patrick

Superman & Tyler Patrick

The final countdown has begun, it’s only 10 days until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters.  From now until then, this blog will focus on Batman, Superman and maybe some more surprises.  This time I thought I’d let my friend Tyler Patrick, who cohosts the Krypton Report Podcast with his wife Junia, share his thoughts on the character of Superman. Take it away Tyler:


By Tyler Patrick @jtypatrick 

Superman has been around for more than 75 years, he was the first superhero the icon, the ideal that all other heroes are held to. He has been in Comic books, Daily Strips, Radio Dramas, Televisions series, Movies, Animation. The character is iconic and part of American Culture.

He has been called the Big Blue Boy-scout (which would not be a good title for a Superman movie) because of his goody, goodie nature. This is what I want to touch on with the recent incarnations of Man of Steel and the soon to be Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, lets reflect on who he is.

When Superman Returns was released one issue people had with the character was, he is not relatable (even an issue in the ongoing comic series) that he was out of touch with time. The values and Ideals he stood for didn't exist and thus people didn't connect with him. But you see that's were you are wrong, we don't connect with him because we as people don't value the same things, we have become cold and cynical. We can accept that a character who is good with out reason or wants to fight for others can exist. 

This is why I love Superman, he represents the good we should strive to be, the hope for change, The Man of Tomorrow. His story is the ultimate American immigrant, an alien who maybe more human then we are. This bold S shield or later his family symbol that means hope stands for morality and values he is the hero that reminds us how we should. Superman has become the fighter for truth ad Justice, for the world. Not the American Way but the way of Justice for all.

Superman has been a part of my life since I can remember, my parents have multiple photos of me in my superman pajamas, and my wife has photos of her grown husband in superman apparel. I even have a superman tattoo on my chest among others, but this is to remind me and represent the ideals the character shows, that there is hope for tomorrow if each of us try to be Superman, help each other and do what is right. 

Each actor who has inherited the mantle of Superman has put their Icon nature to it of being the Superman at the time to embody the character the world needs, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve and now Henry Cavill, The Man of Steel lives on for a new generation.  

If you are wanting to read Superman books and not sure what to get let me recommend some more recent books. Superman Secret Origins by Geoff Johns, Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid, All Star Superman by Grant Morrison, Superman Earth One by J,Michael Straczynski.

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