Booster Gold (DC's missing Link?)

Booster Gold

(DC’s missing link?)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog

Marchis a big month for DC Universe characters.  Gotham returns to TV tonight and Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow are all going strong. In fact, thanks to the popularity of these characters, Supergirl and Flash are going to have a crossover, even though the two character’s shows air on different networks.  And then there’s a little movie coming soon called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Unlike their counterparts at Marvel, the head honchos at DC have stated all of their TV, movie, and comics properties do not share the same universe, but exist in separate universes in the giant DC multiverse.  I was thinking today that there is one character from the comics that could be introduced in the TV shows and upcoming movies that could tie them all together.  That character?  Booster Gold!!   

The introduction of this Time Traveling hero, if written consistently across all DC media could be the tie that the fans are craving, the creators way of saying “All these stories matter, they all have equal importance.”  Here’s a few ways they can do it:


1. Movie Universe

The DC movie universe as we will know it began with the movie Man of Steel.  It’s next big phase begins with the next movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  While this will be the weakest tie it’s still plausible.  Booster has been a member of the Justice League and worked with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman at different times in his career.  These three heroes and other legends were the inspiration for Michael Jon Carter to travel back in time from the 25th century with future tech to become the hero known as Booster Gold. 


2. TV Universe(s)

Here’s where they can really go crazy.  We keep hearing references to Kord Industries on Arrow.  Ted Kord was the superhero known as the Blue Beetle and the fans have been patiently waiting for him to make an appearance in some form on Arrow and/or Flash.  How does Booster help this situation?  Booster and Blue Beetle were best friends until Beetle’s death.

Booster can even help connect Supergirl on it’s own network to the other superhero shows.  As a time traveller, Booster can interact with the Legion of Superheroes, a team that lives 1,000 years from today.  The Legion has strong ties and has spent time with both Supergirl and Superman.

Booster also derives his flying abilities from a Legion flight ring.  Booster has also appeared on Smallville so that show would also be easily lumped in.  But the big connection Booster has to the CW superhero shows, thanks to the fun of time travel, is that he is the father of Legends of Tomorrow’s own time master Rip Hunter!


3.Comics Universe

Booster has been a comic book superhero hero since 1986 when he was created by Dan Jurgens, so little to no changes would have to be done to the character on this front.  DC just needs to have a meeting or gathering to instruct their movie, TV, and comics writers on how to write the character consistently across all their properties.  Plus I hope then we can see some form of the disguise Booster used at one point to hide his identity, the super heroic Supernova!

That’s my ambitious idea.  Now let’s all bombard DC with emails, letter, tweets, and whatever else to get them to do this.  And let me know, Am I crazy with this?  Did I miss anything?  Let me know: or

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Until next time, remember DC, time is on your side (or at least Booster’s)!

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