Savitar: Dark Lord of Speed


Dark Lord of Speed

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Viewers of The Flash TV show got their first glimpse of the villain Savitar on last week’s episode.  This figure is more well known to DC Comics readers, although from first appearances, the show version differs at least somewhat from the comics version.  



Savitar first appeared in Flash #108 (December 1995) and was created by writer Mark Waid and artist Oscar Jimenez.  The man who would become Savitar was a pilot for a third world nation during the Cold War.  After his plane is struck by lightning, he goes down in enemy territory. He defeats the enemy forces with superspeed. This causes him to become obsessed with superspeed and names himself after the Hindu “god of motion” Savitr.  He gains speed powers no one ever possessed before.  After starting his own cult he goes to confront the only speedster operating at that time, Johnny Quick.  Once the two start to battle Johnny is saved by his old friend Max Mercury who bounces Savitar off the edge of the Speed Force, which catapults him into the future. 


Cult of Personality

Thanks to his contact with the Speed Force, Savitar reappears decades later and discovers that his cult has only grown in size.  Savitar then recruits Christina Alexandrova, formerly known as Lady Flash to use her powers to steal the speed of all other speedsters on Earth and funnel it into his army of ninjas.  Thanks to Wally West’s direct line to the Speed Force, Savitar is unable to steal his speed. 


Go to the Light

After Wally West and his friends foil Savitar’s plans and defeat his forces, the villain on goes on a murder run to cause as much damage as he can.  Wally then decides the only way to defeat Savitar is to give him what he wants.  Wally adds his speed to Savitar’s and catapults the villain into the Speed Force fully this time, knowing that deceased speedsters like Barry Allen and recently deceased Johnny Quick would meet him on the other side to decide his final fate.


Savitar would emerge from the Speed Force years later after Barry Allen is resurrected but is quickly killed as part of a trap the Reverse Flash sets for Barry.  And now a new version of thevillain has appeared on the Flash TV show sporting a very metallic appearance.


So there you have, all you need to know about the villainous Savitar, at least the comics version.  Where do you think the writers will take the TV version?  Let’s discuss it!


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