Nightwing--DC Comics most popular hero (that some people don't know)!

Nightwing, DC’s most popular hero that some people don't know!

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog

You see his name more and more in DC comics headlines these days, but some casual superhero, non comic reading fans don't know much about him even though he has been around since 1940. Who am I talking about?  Dick Grayson, who was the original and longest running partner of Batman as Robin.  Dick Grayson would also go on to lead the Teen Titans as Nightwing during the most classic Titans run. 

The whole point of this week’s blog is the idea that Grayson should be marketed more to the general public in any of his recent identities, either as the masked hero Nightwing or the super spy Grayson Agent 37.  A recent attempt at a live action version of a Teen Titans TV show starring Grayson as Nightwing has been shelved.  How about giving us a solo Nightwing live action show?  I think Arrow, Flash,and Supergirl have all proven that DC characters that aren't Superman or Batman can have success on TV.  Grayson could be their greatest, most popular, most profitable character I believe.  Why?  Heres a few reasons:


  1. Grayson in any of his identities has always been popular with fans, including the female fan base that DC and other comic book companies are trying to expand.  Maybe it’s his appearance, his confidence, or maybe it’s just that he is more emotional and sensitive than his mentor Batman, But Grayson has always been a “chick magnet”.

2. He is friends with most characters in the DC Comics Universe.  For most of his crime fighting career Grayson has been a team player, working closely with Batman and his operatives, leading teams like the Teen Titans & Outsiders for years, and working temporarily with the Justice League on a handful of occasions.  Just about any DC Comics character could be worked into a live action Nightwing TV show or movie because not only is Grayson so personable, but he’s worked with just about everyone.

3. Grayson can battle any type of opponent.  Any possible live action Grayson adventure could see him spar with basically anyone.  He’s fought everything from common street thugs, to Blockbuster (who could arm wrestle the Hulk), to Trigon the demon alongside the Teen Titans. 

4. He’s the greatest hero!  Batman is DC Comics most profitable character supposedly at the moment, why do you think so many of the upcoming DC movies have at least an appearance by him.  But Grayson surpasses him in my eyes.  They are almost equals in their crime fighting skills, the martial arts, and detective knowledge. Grayson even beats Batman when it comes to acrobatic skill having grown up as a circus acrobat.  How Grayson comes in above Batman in my eyes is that he can do everything Batman can AND he also tries to have a somewhat normal life most of the time.  He almost got married to former girlfriend Starfire and he had a long time on and off again relationship with Batgirl/Oracle Barbara Gordon.  Don’t believe me?  Even Batman admits it!

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