Lots of D&D

                So I am going to start with the roll20 games, because I have spent some time, trying to find a 2e game to join. 
                So last night I played in my friends new 4e game, we only got one battle done, that is how we roll, we get half way thought the first encounter and people start dogging out. I was kind of mad last night and am starting to wonder if the problem is because the player get bored.  But we were trying to free an NPC and one of the players said he was going to kill the NPC, so I and one other player attacked him.  This evil player ended up dying, and then was like that did not really happen.  So I am going to do what I want but if I die I am going to cry about it.
                There is a pit full of dragon bones like this is where they go to die, or something, I am going to try and figure out what that is all about.
                So when this blog is done, I have to go and get some more magic cards on eBay, I have so much of that to do, and I am hoping that one of the guys that I am working with will be able to get stuff up on the website. 
                Tomorrow will be the second episode of The Kevin Long Show, the first one should be up on I tunes any day now.  And don’t forget that we are trying to start a TMI Tuesday, so get your questions to Kevinsmajesticent@gmail.com or here in the comments, and look for them on the YouTube channel Mrdragonfi.
                I also want to get some writing done so, until next time Keep gaming.

Posted on November 22, 2015 .