Magic and Castles and assassins

Let’s start with my daughter’s birthday.  It was good because one of my friends/Third brother was able to make it to the party and we were able to play some Magic the Gathering. We Played 4 games, and I last them all.  Game 1: I use my House Dimir deck.  I don’t remember what deck he played but I was not able to get the cards I needed and he took care of me pretty fast.  Game 2: I used my Minotaur deck and again lost.  As I was playing this deck I was thinking that I should see about adding some guild gates and adding an endless maze to the deck.  Game 3: I used my Vampire deck and he was using an artifact deck, I had way too much mana.  Game 4: this was an EDH game, this was my best chance to win, but I was missing one forest card and lost.
I have spent the week working on a new character for a play by post game.  She is going to be an assassin Shadow Dancer.  We are starting at level 11, so we will see what happens this time.
The Saturday night game was good all I am going to post about that here is that some of the players drive me nuts, there is one player that plays for 20 min and then decides he has to go to bed.
There I have to get some writing on the Neverwinter game so we will keep it short tonight and until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on September 13, 2015 .